DETOX absolute - Organic Body Peeling
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DETOX absolute - Organic Body Peeling

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Thanks to the unique composition of the product line you will purifiy the skin and flush out toxins from the body. Active charcoal contains a number of minerals and trace elements. It effectively absorbs impurities and excess sebum. American bentonite clay deeply cleanses, regulates sebum production and restores skin balance. The essential oil from Mexican lime along with Rosemary will not only provide an herby-citrus fragrance, but also promote cleansing of the lymphatic system and blood circulation. They stimulate the nervous system; degrade nervousness and tension, improve blood circulation and thus the elasticity of the skin; soothe the skin, reduce swelling and redness and prevent acne formation.


Whole body peeling from Hawaiian salt and vegetable glycerine is ideal for all types of skin. The peeling gently removes dead cells from the skin, leaving it naturally renewed. The active carbon is effective in absorbing excessive soil and sebum. The essential oil from Mexican lime and Rosemary will provide not only a refreshing herb-citrus fragrance, but also promote cleansing of the lymphatic system and blood circulation of the skin. It improves blood circulation, thus the elasticity of the skin. It soothes the skin, reduces swelling and redness and prevents the formation of acne.


Apply an appropriate amount on the skin and massage the peeling into the skin of the whole body, using circular motions, especially on dry places such as elbows, feet and knees.

Intended for use two to three times a week. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place, at a temperature up to + 25 ° C and do not expose to direct sunlight and frost. Stir or shake well before use. Do not use on open wounds. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes without interruption from the inner corner to the outer one (if wearing contact lenses, remove them in advance). Seek medical attention if irritation develops.

Before the first use, it is recommended to perform the so-called Patch test, that is, apply and test the cosmetic product for its compatibility on a small area of ​​skin, preferably on the wrist and wait 24 hours. This method can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the product. If an allergic reaction occurs after application, wash the skin surface with lukewarm water. Stop using the product immediately. If the allergic reaction persists for a long time, seek medical attention.


The scrub leaves no oily film on the skin. It is specifically good for the treatment of mixed and oily skin. If you have dry skin, after exfoliation it is recommended to use moisturizing Organic body yoghurt or other skin treatment product.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Maris Sal)*, Glycerin*, Activated Charcoal*, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Citrus Aurantifolia Oil*, ***Citral, ***Citronellol, ***Geraniol, ***Hexyl Cinnamal, ***Limonene, ***Linalool

* certified organic ingredient

*** occurring naturally in essential oils and natural fragrances

Size: 300ml

100% organic product



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300 ml

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