Himalay - Gift Tube
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Himalay - Gift Tube

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Gift set with an indescribable scent of beauty and purity. Toning Himalayan salt of the highest quality and Mexican mimosa extract in one. An ideal gift to make everyday rituals more pleasant and to pamper the body, soul and mind.

The gift tube contains:
> Bath salt mixture (500g)
> Organic shower gel (250ml)
> Natural mana for the road (50ml)
> Natural soap (+ -110g)
> gift wrapping

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Do you want to give your loved ones an exceptional practical gift that will light up their eyes with joy and will not "set dust" on them? A fragrant gift set wrapped in a white eco paper tube is the perfect choice! The tube in a beautifully clean and elegant white design hides hand-made Slovak natural cosmetics in an irresistible scent - a universal gift for everyone!

A gently refreshing fragrant composition reminiscent of a sunny day in a tropical sea climate saturated with salt. The top tone is indicated by the mimosa flower with a middle undertone with citrus fruits of hot bergamot and lime. The base is enhanced by sandalwood and cedar wood together with sandalwood and cedar wood. The harmony of unity is strengthened by the spotted witch.

> Salt mixture for the bath (500g) - a unique combination of salt crystals and an irresistible fragrant composition for a perfect wellness experience
> Organic shower gel (250ml) - a gentle shower gel with beneficial oils created to treat the skin and make everyday cleansing rituals more pleasant
> Natural mana for the road (50ml) - nourishing and regenerating cream for the treatment of the skin of the hands and the whole body, perfectly hydrates and protects against moisture loss
> Natural soap (110g) - solid soap in a minimalist paper package and a unique design for gentle care and beauty of the bathroom
> gift box - white eco paper tube in a unique elegant design


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