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What types of packaging do you use to package your products?

Even when choosing the packaging of our products, we think about the environment and therefore use exclusively recycled and re-recyclable materials. Whether it is glass, aluminum, paper or plastic, all packaging for our products is certified, i.e. safe to use for packaging cosmetic products and harmless to health.

Why don´t you use glass packaging exclusively?

It is true that we use more plastic packaging than glass in terms of volume, but it is not by chance. When choosing the packaging material, we pay attention to the following: Economic point of view - it is very important for us that we do not needlessly increase the prices of products just because of the packaging material, as in our opinion the filling must be more valuable and we also care that the products can be affordable for a wide spectrum of interested parties regardless of income groups.

Practicality - for individual alternatives, we take into account foreseeable risks and possible accidents when handling the products, especially when children are also in contact with them. Ecological and environmental point of view - all our packaging materials are certified, manufactured in the EU and tested for suitability for packaging cosmetics without the threat of contamination. In addition, they are made from recycled and re-recyclable materials, whether it is glass, aluminum, plastic or paper.

What are you doing for sustainable development? Isn't this just a marketing move?

Customers may not have the opportunity to see all that effort on our part, but we also sort and recycle all waste from our production premises and dare to say that we ultimately produce a much lower amount of waste than competing companies in this segment. Even when printing the labels itself, we use easily biodegradable materials, whether we are talking about the material of the labels (paper) or the printing ink itself. Also, in the final packaging of orders, our filling material is paper and not synthetic bubble wrap, which, thanks to the current popularity of online stores and the number of sent packages, contaminates nature on a daily basis. We use paper material and boxes provided by other companies that would otherwise be degraded and thrown away as waste. By using this packaging alternative, we do not unnecessarily burden our environment and do not produce additional waste.

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