Ponitrie - Natural Soap
  • Ponitrie - prírodné mydlo
  • Ponitrie - prírodné mydlo

Ponitrie - Natural Soap

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Flat meadows and slopes, picturesque valleys surrounded by unusual, legendary mountains. Unique rock formations overgrown with dense forests providing indescribable views. Walks through the landscape of Ponitrie bring the most beautiful views at sunset, when the majestic linden trees dominating the vast plains stand out best. It is the linden extract that gives this soap amazing properties. In combination with dandelion, they have a beneficial medical effect on burnt, abraded or otherwise damaged skin. They alleviate itching and bring the desired relief, as well as the view of this region after a hard day.

The edition of soap-burning natural soaps called Slovanophoria brings unique hand-made soaps, with which we pay thanks and respect to our beautiful country and the gift of Slovak nature. An unmistakable experience of Slovak mountains, forests, meadows and groves is mediated by carefully selected local extracts of herbs, flowers and fruits characteristic of the region. Let's remember the beauties of Slovakia :)

Ponitrie natural vegan soap is ideal for all skin types.

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> vegan's natural, sulphate-free soap composition gently but effectively cleanses while respecting the skin's natural barrier
> does not irritate and does not dry out, thanks to carefully selected natural ingredients it helps to keep the skin hydrated and nourished
> free of animal fats, sulphates, silicones, petroleum derivatives, synthetic dyes and perfumes
> extracts from linden and dandelions have a beneficial effect on skin damage or burns, soothe and relieve itching and help restore cells
> the unique scent of dandelion and linden flowers, which the soap is supplied by purely natural essential oils, will bring relief and new energy after a hard day
> ideal natural soap for all skin types

> extracts of  linden and dandelion - alleviate burns, abrasions and support regeneration, gently tones
coconut oil - a universal natural beautifier in the form of coconut oil suitable for all skin types

cca 110g

Use natural solid soap as a zero waste shower gel alternative. It cleanses the skin beautifully and smells.
The design soap on the washbasin really stands out, unfolds and completes the atmosphere of every bathroom.
Soaphoria natural soap is a beautiful and useful gift for all nature lovers.
After use, store the soap in a dry place without contact with water.

We recommend combining organic solid soap with soap-like delicacies such as natural body creams and balms. An organic shower gel or foam can also be an excellent addition.

Apply an appropriate amount of the product on wet skin and create a foam in a circular motion, then rinse with water at a suitable temperature.

For everyday use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place, at a temperature up to + 30°C and do not expose to direct sunlight and frost. Do not use on open wounds. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes without interruption from the inner corner to the outer corner (if wearing contact lenses, remove them in advance). Seek medical attention if irritation develops.
Before the first use, it is recommended to perform the so-called Patch test, t. j. apply and test the cosmetic product for its compatibility on a small area of ​​skin, preferably on the wrist and wait 24 hours. This method can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the product. If an allergic reaction occurs after application, wash the skin surface with lukewarm water. Stop using the product immediately. If the allergic reaction persists for a long time, seek medical attention.


Aqua (water), Cocos Nucifera Oil *, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil *, Glycerin *, Sucrose *, Decyl Glucoside, Tilia Cordata Flower Extract *, Tilia Cordata Flower *, Taraxacum Officinale Extract *, Sodium Chloride *, Citric Acid *, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide )

* certified organic ingredient
*** occurring naturally in essential oils and natural fragrances


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110 g

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