Romantic Rose - Gift Box

Romantic Rose - Gift Box

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Gift set with a romantic and sensual floral scent of roses with the spiciness of rosewood. An ideal gift to make everyday rituals more pleasant and to pamper the body, soul and mind.

The gift box contains:
> Body peeling (255ml)
> Organic shower gel (250ml)
> Organic body yogurt (250ml)
> Body souffle (125ml)
> Organic lip balm (5g)
> Bath bomb (85g)
> gift wrapping

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Do you want to give your loved ones an exceptional practical gift that will light up their eyes with joy and will not "set dust" on them?  The box in a beautifully clean and elegant white or black design hides handmade Slovak natural cosmetics in an irresistible scent - a universal gift for everyone!

Romantic and sensual floral scent of roses with the spiciness of rosewood.

> Body peeling (255ml) - pampering body peeling for skin treatment and support of skin cell regeneration already during the shower will also be used for the preparation of a relaxing bath
> Organic shower gel (250ml) - a gentle shower gel with beneficial oils created to treat the skin and make everyday cleansing rituals more pleasant
> Organic body yogurt (250ml) - light and at the same time wonderfully nourishing body milk for deep hydration of the skin of the whole body, without leaving a greasy feeling
> Body souffle (125ml) - a unique whipped body cream, an extra nourishing delicacy for the skin of the whole body and an unmistakable experience
> Organic lip balm (5g) - nourishing lip balm for the treatment and protection of sensitive skin and a carefree happy smile
> Bath bomb (85g) - joy hidden in the little things, cheerful sparkling bath, will take care of an exceptional wellness experience and contribute to the royal feeling of each bath
> gift packaging - white or black paper box without marks, stickers and descriptions, ideal for further use both at home for aesthetic storage of small items and in creating your own gift packages


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