Tea Blend - Soul Harmony

Tea Blend - Soul Harmony

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herbal - spicy tea, loose, not flavored - for the harmony of the soul
In a practical and ecological glass package with a patent closure, also ideal as a gift.
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The soothing charm of Grandma's garden in a unique tea blend. Mixed tea from Gunpowder green tea leaves, beneficial herbs and spices to support digestion and inner well-being. Amber-yellow tea with a characteristic sweet herbal aroma and a delicate, non-bitter taste will bring the taste back to life. The tea blend offers an extraordinary pleasure and proves that the beauty comes from within.

Ingredients: leaf green tea of the Gunpowder type, honeysuckle, curly mint, motherwort, aniseed fennel, fennel, rose hips, hawthorn flowers, stinging nettle, St. John's wort

Preparation: Pour the appropriate amount of tea into the container. Count on the amount of approx. 0.5 g of tea per 100 ml of water. The temperature of the infusion water should be around 80 ° C and it is recommended to infuse the tea for 2-6 minutes.

Weight: 45g


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